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Pattaya Welcomes a Surge in Chinese Tourists with Open Arms


PATTAYA, Sept 25 – The skies over Pattaya are bustling once again. As Thailand eases visa restrictions for Chinese nationals, an influx of tourists is expected to grace the luxury hotels and pristine shores of Pattaya.


In a heartwarming reception at Bangkok’s International Airport, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin was present to extend a personal welcome. Traditional Thai dancers and captivating puppetry enchanted the arrivals from Shanghai, transforming the airport into a spectacle of cultural celebration.


Pattaya, known for its luxurious hotels, mesmerizing beaches, and electric nightlife, stands as one of Southeast Asia’s prime holiday destinations. As tourism remains a cornerstone of Thailand’s economy, revitalizing this sector is paramount. This initiative by Prime Minister Srettha, amidst the backdrop of an economy recovering from the pandemic, seeks to rejuvenate this integral industry.


With China historically being Thailand’s largest tourism market, these eased travel restrictions are pivotal. “The ease of travel promises to stimulate our economy,” remarked Prime Minister Srettha, emphasizing the commitment to ensuring the safety of every visitor.


Predictions are optimistic. The visa waiver program, active from September 25 to February, anticipates welcoming nearly 2.88 million Chinese tourists—a significant rise from this year’s figures.

Tourists, such as 25-year-old Gu Siyi, appreciate the streamlined travel process, remarking, “This ease brings more of us to Thailand. The convenience is undeniable.”


Pre-pandemic data highlights China’s dominant presence in Thailand’s tourism, accounting for a staggering 11 million out of 39.9 million tourists in 2019, with an impressive expenditure of 1.91 trillion baht ($53.11 billion).


So, what brings them to Pattaya’s shores? It’s an amalgamation of sandy beaches, delectable cuisine, and luxury living. “The local fruits, especially the durian, are a treat,” shared Ye Weihe, 53, a proud property owner in Pattaya.


As the waves of Pattaya welcome new and returning visitors, the city’s luxury hotels gear up for a season of unparalleled hospitality.